ICI - Insight for Community Impact

ICI  is a collaborative organization based in Toronto, Ontario offering workshops and events on group behaviour, leadership development, and community building from a psychoanalytic perspective. ICI is a collaboration between Bureau Kensington, Inc, PARC (Parkdale Activity and Recreation Centre), Working for Change, and West Neighbourhood House.

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Leading Communications for Impact

Do you believe strongly in the role of communications in ensuring your organization’s impact? Are you in an organization that doesn’t quite understand the importance of strategic communications? Do you find that your colleagues have expectations of your role that do not match your own understanding of what it means to lead communications? Do you feel increasingly frustrated or demotivated by the lack of traction that your communications efforts get within your organization?

If you are leading communications work for a human rights or social justice organization and find yourself experiencing these challenges, this program is for you.

The Leading Communications for Impact program is unique in bringing together two usually separate disciplines - organizational strengthening and strategic communications that combined create powerful possibilities for more effective leadership by you, your team and your organization.


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Online Leadership & Learning Program

Experiential Learning | Effectiveness in your role and your organizational system | Small study groups | Skill development in responding to organizational dilemmas

Unlike other leadership programs, Bureau Kensington’s supports leaders within their organizational contexts, rather than from an individual goal and skill acquisition perspective. We assist you in developing analytical skills about your role within your organizational context, the roles of others, and how they support and can interfere with the completion of necessary tasks. We help you to identify dominant patterns in organizational responses, how defenses are mobilized, how teams and groups function, and how values are translated into actions within these contexts. This increased understanding facilitates your ability to more clearly and effectively address long-standing systemic issues, work across differences, ultimately enhancing your leadership and organizational effectiveness.

Begins October 5th, 2023

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Having Impact as a Leader

My Authority, My Role & My Organizational System | Contact with My Organizational Realities | Strategizing to Address My Organizational Dynamics & Make Things Happen | Thinking with Other Leaders

This experiential learning opportunity builds on your skill to stand back from a problem, see multiple perspectives and strategize.

Develop more insight into:

  • How unconscious processes impact your leadership and impede impact
  • Underlying organizational anxietiesand defenses that block impact

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