Why BKI?

Strange things happen in workplaces, organizations, and networks – particularly in our current fraught political and social contexts. Even with the best intentions, things can get difficult or go off track, with unintended consequences; complex dynamics appear in teams; employees lose their motivation or confidence; information becomes constrained in silos, impairing collaboration and organizational competence; rivalries and jealousies spring up between teams; and leaders stumble or fail to take up their authority, losing the trust and confidence of their colleagues and staff. Why does this happen? What are the more hidden dynamics that animate these challenges? And what can we do about them? How can we make use of ‘under the surface’ energies to spark creativity, fairness, and resilience?

While the causes and solutions for group, individual, and leadership challenges are as diverse as the organizations within which they arise, we at BKI believe that through our collaborative, and context-sensitive approach, we can help address these counterproductive group processes and reorient your organization and networks towards desired outcomes.

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