Online Leadership and Learning Program

Begins October 5, 2023

Key Points

  • Experiential Learning
  • Effectiveness in your role and your organizational system
  • Small study groups
  • Skill development in responding to organizational dilemmas

Unlike other leadership programs, Bureau Kensington’s supports leaders within their organizational contexts, rather than from an individual goal and skill acquisition perspective.

We assist you in developing analytical skills about your role within your organizational context, the roles of others, and how they support and can interfere with the completion of necessary tasks. We help you to identify dominant patterns in organizational responses, how defenses are mobilized, how teams and groups function, and how values are translated into actions within these contexts. This increased understanding facilitates your ability to more clearly and effectively address long-standing systemic issues, work across differences, ultimately enhancing your leadership and organizational effectiveness.

Program Components

  • 10 individual coaching sessions with coaches familiar with psychodynamic thinking about organizations and the challenges that you encounter
  • Attendance at a group relations conference (on line or in person)
  • Organizational observations and analysis of your organizational system
  • Bi weekly meetings with readings, discussion, speakers, work on organizational dilemmas
  • Meetings with the program director

Dates: October 5, 2023 – May 30, 2024


Dr. Tanya Lewis was a senior leader in several large Canadian universities and has worked with and consulted to community organizations and groups. She is the Director of Coaching at Bureau Kensington, the Secretary of the Board of the Boston Centre for Social Dynamics, a certified group relations consultant through the A.K. Rice Institute and the Coordinator of Toronto Insight for Community Impact (

Other instructors and guest speakers will be drawn from senior leaders and consultants in non-profit and public sector organizations who are familiar with psycho-dynamic thinking about organizations.

Cost: $2,000 individual – $4,000 CAD large organizations plus HST.
For more information contact Tanya Lewis at or by phone at 647 355 7569.

Quotes from past participants

“The program is a deep exploration of the ways in which we are drawn to certain roles, people, and tasks when exercising leadership and the intersectional dimensions of identities. It invites participants to move beyond automatic, emotional responses to challenges into a place of curious regard, openness, empathy, and problem-solving. It was a challenging and rewarding experience with rich learning.”

“The program created the time and space to allow me to sit outside of myself which is crucial for leadership and critically reflect, ask questions and try things.”

“Hearing about the challenges of others gave me different perspectives about how I approach my work and am perceived and how I can be more aware and responsive. I got a lot to think about regarding projections (my own and others); the loneliness of leadership, taking responsibility, identity politics and how I take on roles.”

“I have a much more nuanced, awareness and understanding of the unconscious processes and group dynamics that propel and impede the accomplishment of tasks. I need to stop assuming that folks hate me when what they may hate or be suspicious of is the task or institutional policies/ processes that I represent as a leader.”