Having Impact as a Leader

Key Points

  • My Authority, My Role & My Organizational System
  • Contact with My Organizational Realities
  • Strategizing to Address My Organizational Dynamics & Make Things Happen
  • Thinking with Other Leaders

This experiential learning opportunity builds on your skill to stand back from a problem, see multiple perspectives and strategize.

Develop more insight into:

  • How unconscious processes impact your leadership and impede impact
  • Underlying organizational anxietiesand defenses that block impact


This group will work together to:

  • Provide a framework
  • Support and challenge and work strategically with defenses against anxieties

There will be opportunities to present in depth organizational dilemmas that will include:

Puzzles, stuck places, dilemmas

Your identities/identifications and how these compound or enhance your leadership challenges and possibilities

Your role in the system

Observations and analysis of how decisions are made; how meetings are conducted; other relevant organizational data

Working with unconscious collective impediments

Previous Experience for this Program

Participants will have:

  • Some familiarity with psychoanalytic and or systems psychodynamic thinking about organizations
  • Will have attended at least one group relations conference

Cost: Sliding scale $500 individual – $1,200 CAD for large organizations for 9 two hour sessions via Zoom

Dates: Monthly meetings between Oct. 5, 2023 to May 30, 2024

Contact Tanya Lewis: tlewis@bureaukensington.com | 647 355 7569


Dr. Tanya Lewis, Course Director and Instructor was a senior leader in several large Canadian universities and has worked with and consulted to community organizations and groups. She is the Director of Coaching at Bureau Kensington, the Secretary of the Board of the Boston Centre for Social Dynamics and the Coordinator of Toronto Insight for Community Impact (ici-ici.ca).

Dr. Barbara Williams, Instructor and Consultant is the Director of Bureau Kensington. She works with not for-profit and social justice organizations from a psychoanalytic and feminist perspective. She has taught leadership at many universities across Canada and consults with countless leaders in Toronto and internationally.

Other guests will be invited to think with the group.Bureau Kensington, Inc. is a boutique consulting firm based in Toronto,
Canada offering organizational consulting, leadership, and management
consulting services from a psychodynamic perspective.