About us

Bureau Kensington, Inc. is a Toronto-based consulting firm working in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors locally, nationally and internationally. Working from a psychodynamic perspective, BKI offers organizational consulting, leadership and management coaching and development, strategic planning, human resources, team development, and program evaluation services. We are offer intelligent consulting, applying psychoanalysis for innovative results.

BKI is the founder for the Community of Interest for Applied Psychoanalysis (CIAP) and co-leads & sponsors the training activities for Insight for Community Impact (ICI).


Barbara Williams, EdD, Director, is an experienced consultant in the areas of organizational change, leadership, and human resource management. Prior to founding Bureau Kensington Inc., Barbara was a managing partner of Williams-O’Connell Associates Inc.  She has held faculty appointments at York University and St. Xavier University, has taught at various community colleges across Canada and held leadership positions. She is a certified Groups Relations Consultant at the AK Rice Institute.

Barbara holds an honours BA is English Literature and Philosophy, MSc in Agricultural Economics and Extension Education, MSW, and an EdD in Adult Education from the University of Toronto.; was a visiting professional at Tavistock Institute, London; Member of the International Society for

the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations (ISPSO), and Organization for Promoting Understanding of Organizations (OPUS); Guest of the Toronto Psyochoanalytic Society & Institute; and Associate Editor for Journal Organizational and Social Dynamics.  She has given numerous presentations at OPUS and ISPSO and written in the areas of gender, feminism, shared leadership and diversity.

She helps organizations assess the need for change and undertake thoughtful analysis in order to solve complex underlying challenges and not simply the presenting problems. She works extensively with leaders, managers, staff, and teams to navigate  difficult conversations to improve problem solving and decision-making.


Tanya Lewis, Director of Coaching - Tanya’s work experience includes direct service within community-based non-profit organizations for people with disabilities and their families. Tanya has coordinated and facilitated program reviews for Big Sisters of Ontario and fostered team development and conflict resolution for L’Arche Ontario and L’Arche Toronto. For the past eighteen years, Tanya has worked in the educational sector and is currently the Director of Accessibility Services St. George campus at the University of Toronto. She has a PhD in Education from the University of Toronto. For the past five years, Tanya has been studying and training in psycho analytic approaches to organizations and groups.  Tanya Lewis is a registered Analytic Network Coach.

Anna TurleyAnna Turley, Consultant - Anna is a feminist and women's rights advocate committed to supporting collective organising to bring about change. As a consultant, she works with and for human rights and justice organisations, and the movements of which they are a part, to strengthen their reach, impact and influence through strategy development and organisational change. Anna is particularly interested in supporting shared leadership and networked ways of working. She has an MSc in Development Studies and is based in South Africa.


Kavita Rikhy, Director of Operations and Research - Kavita Rikhy is a data analyst and marketing insights professional with 10 years of experience working in a variety of industries such as FMCG, Media, Analytics, Research, Consulting and Publishing. Her passion to perform market research, analyze huge datasets, triangulate data from multiple platforms, generate insights and sharing actionable recommendations have been the crucial drivers of her professional journey. She strives to deliver strategic and innovative business solutions to each client based on data analysis and thorough research of the market. Creating and presenting a well customized solution supports in creating a good brand image, in turn improving brand loyalty. Focused planning, collaboration and strong relationship building are some of her core soft skills. Her belief in continuous learning and evolving as an individual provides her with confidence to achieve great success in all her endeavours.